Year: 2021

Veritas Medical

The Context

Veritas Medical had four different websites. Each one of them with a different look and feel and functionality. 

The Problem

Often, Veritas customers could not remember the other website addresses, and it was complicated navigating between sites. In addition, since each website had its own design, people didn’t realize they were part of the same company. As a result, their traffic was divided, and all four sites were competing with similar keywords on search engines.

The Challenge

Unifying the brand into a single website that satisfies the needs of different customer segments, with a revamped branded look and feel.

Veritas Medical Design Mafe Perdomo

The Basics


Playfair Display








Veritas Medical Design by Mafe Perdomo
Veritas Medical Design by Mafe Perdomo
Veritas Medical Design by Mafe Perdomo

The Process: Before and After

Veritas Unification
Veritas Unification
Veritas Unification
Veritas Learning

The Learning

Veritas’ website is the perfect example of how appearances can be deceiving. On the outside, it gives the impression of being a straightforward website. However, as with many good things in life, the best part is hidden inside. Veritas is by far the most complex website I have created.


Leading a team of 6 developers, we pushed WordPress to the limit to support several complex memberships. From conceptualizing the project to every functionality in place, I have learned something new every day. One of the most important things I took from this experience is that there is always a creative solution for those “impossible” problems.