Year: 2019

Panzer Consulting

The Context

The journey with Panzer Consulting, a German procurement consulting and interim management company, began in 2018 when I had the opportunity to create their brand. The following year, I was commissioned to design their website.

The Challenge

Applying the brand guidelines to a bilingual and responsive website design.

Mafe Perdomo Senior Graphic Designer Panzer Consulting

The Basics



Roboto Slab




Panzer Consulting
Panzer Consulting Website
Panzer Consulting
Panzer Consulting
Panzer Consulting GER
Panzer Consulting Footer
Panzer Consulting Mobole View

The Learning

This website was a great opportunity to materialize a brand guideline and ensure its consistency across different platforms.

This project also opened a new world for me, since it was my first Elementor development.  As a result, my knowledge of web design was amplified, closing the gap between knowledge and experience.