About me and mindful design

Mindful Design - 
In a world full of clutter, we hear thousands of words, we see millions of images, everything goes so fast. We seem to be unable to savor things. 
Another day goes by, in the blink of an eye. This hustle is the keynote of almost anything these days. Isn’t it? Graphic design is no exception. Everything needs to be done now; it was supposed to be delivered yesterday. No time, there's just no time. 
Take a moment. Breathe. Seriously, breathe. After 10 deep breaths, the mind is clearer. Between inhales and exhales there’s a brief void. A profound silence. No mind, no clutter, no world, just you. Everything stops. In that moment, something wonderful happens. You start feeling joy, peace, presence, essence… you are connecting with your heart. The heart is passion. Passion is a force, it moves us. It is inevitable.
When you see something made passionately, it moves you. That’s guaranteed, for beauty is not perceived by the mind, but by the heart. You don’t analyze the beauty of a rose, you feel it!
This experience, this feeling, is what I try to bring into my designs. I do everything with the most profound care. Every detail, every stroke is traced with consciousness, with heart, with passion. Thus, a logo is not just an image, it has soul. A label becomes flirty and a print brings color into your life.

FAQs About me - 
Who am I? Well, it all started a 240 years ago when the founding fathers… no, I’m kidding. It’s a long story but in this case, I’ll put it in two words: a committed creative. 
What are my qualifications?  My educational background is Social Communication, Advertising and Video Production. 
My experience? I’ve been designing since Microsoft Paint 1995, but I think it's fair enough to say 11 years. I have worked with small ventures and big companies. I've managed from very small to large budgets. Whatever your project, I can do it.
My work philosophy? There’s always a creative solution. 
My core values? Love and respect. 
My manifesto? I have to borrow this from Robert Ingersoll: “We rise by lifting others”. 
Things that I love? Meditation, yoga, photography, music and tacos! (Pizza too). 

Let's talk about your projects!

Please contact me at: mafeperdomoc@gmail.com
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